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Gratitude is One of the Simplest Ways to be Happy

by Charly Mann

One of the simplest ways to feel happy is to be grateful.  Any time I am feeling stressed or down I can always rely on gratitude to put things into perspective. Sure bad things happen in life, but being thankful for our many blessings can help us realize what we have. Each time I add up all the great things and experiences I have had in my life I quickly see how they outweigh the negative ones by a wide margin, and I am immediately thankful and feeling better.

One of the worst things that befall us is the death of someone we love, but even then being grateful can lessen this sadness. After all we did get to spend time, share joy, and learn from that person, which is something we can be very thankful for.

I have noticed that grateful people are far more positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, satisfied, and much less prone to stress than people who exhibit tendencies of entitlement. They are also are far less envious of other people’s financial success and material possessions.

For the last decade I have spent the last ten to fifteen minutes before I go to bed making a list of all the great things that happened to me that day. When I began doing this it took me about three minutes to do the list, and I rarely had more than 15 things to be thankful for that day. Within three years I averaged more than 60 items a day, and it was not unusual for there to be more than 100. It was not that I was being more observant, or setting lower standards for what I was grateful for, it was that many more incredible things were occurring in my life each day. It seems that gratitude truly begets more gifts from life. 

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Joe Phillips      12:43 PM Fri 3/27/2015

You look great for your age buddy - that is something you should really be grateful for.

Sylvia Clark      9:48 AM Fri 3/27/2015

Very inspiring Charly - your writing has always been uplifting. I have enjoyed Chapel Hill Memories for years.

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