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One of Life's Greatest Lessons

by Charly Mann

One of the greatest lessons in life is that there is nothing more important than exhibiting good character and having good taste. Today we live in a world where few people admire good character, and fewer still recognize quality. We live in a culture where our role models and heroes are sports figures and entertainment celebrities. By and large the people who we look up to are known for their foolish behavior, rudeness, and often some form of cheating. Our top celebrities are the ones who are the most irresponsible and obnoxious. There are few people today achieving notoriety for being good.

The only way we can put a stop to this is for the majority of us to become fed up with bad behavior, and react with disgust and contempt when people are rude, disrespectful, and uncivil. We should all strive to be more thoughtful. If we do not get our civility back our culture will die.

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The Stupidest People in the World

by Charly Mann

Yesterday a friend of mine came over for a visit. He said, "Charly you are just way too serious these days, reading and writing about such weighty subjects. You need to meet my friends who are the stupidest people in history." I said, "Come now, I'm sure your friends are not stupid, probably just not too erudite."

The next day I went with my buddy to visit his friends, a couple who had a one-year-old daughter. I said to the husband that my next-door neighbor had a son who was two, and perhaps his daughter and my neighbor's son might marry someday. The husband said, "Our daughter is just one, the boy's age is twice our daughter's. When she is twenty and wants to get married that boy will be forty, and too old for my daughter."

I was dumbfounded, and looked at his wife, who from the look on her face seemed to sense that her husband had misspoken. She smiled at me and said, "I think my husband has made a mistake. Since our daughter is now one year old, in a year she will be the same age as that boy. I think it a good idea for people of exactly the same age to marry."

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The Power of Music


Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.


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Poetry is Like a Bird

Poetry is like a bird, it ignores all frontiers.   --  Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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Why God Created Butterflies

Long, long ago, when the Earth was new, God looked down on his creation and was very happy. The world was beautiful and the people were happy.

But as time passed, the people began to age and die and this brought sorrow to the world, and so God began to think that there was something missing. And so one day he decided to create something new.

God came to the Earth and began to gather the colors of his creation into a sack. From the sky he took some blue; from the trees he took some green; from the Sun he took some yellow; from the sunset he took red, orange and purple; from the little children he took the white of their smiles and the brown of their eyes. All these colors he gathered into his sack.

Then as an afterthought he took the songs from the birds and put them in the sack as well. And he shook the sack to mix all these things well. Then he came to the people to give them his new creation.

And so it was that the people gathered around God to see this new creation. Then God opened the sack and released thousands of butterflies into the air. And the people were pleased, and the children danced and sang with the butterflies dancing and singing around them. And happiness returned to the world.

But not all of creation was happy. The birds came to God to ask him why he had taken their song. "Great God," the birds' spokesman said, "our song was what set us apart from all of creation. It is not right that you should take this from us for the butterflies”. God pondered his words and decided that he was right.

God put forth his hand once more and retrieved the songs of the birds from the butterflies. So butterflies are the most beautiful creatures God has created, yet they are silent.


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Charly Mann

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Ever since I was very young I have been intrigued with how one could live happily ever after like the characters I read about in fairy tales. As a child I noticed most of the adults I was exposed to were often anxious and angry, and only a very few seemed to be calm and happy. By the time I was a teenager I was scouring philosophy and psychology books looking for instructions on how to have a marvelous life. I also began questioning scores of adults I would encounter about their philosophy on life and what they thought one needed to do to be perfectly contented. In 1967, at the age of 17, I started a daily journal that compiled all the information I acquired that day on the subject. Today that journal includes three dozen large notebooks and more than 3,400 pages on my hard drive.

I have had a marvelous life thus far - most of it incredibly happy, healthy, and successful. Since 1968 I have also tracked how happy and successful I was in the previous year. Through the end of 2013, each year has been significantly better than the year before. I believe much of this can be attributed on what I learned and implemented in my own life about achieving good health, success, and happiness. As I mature and learn more my methodology for making my life great has changed a lot. I achieved enormous financial success before I was 25, which contributed greatly to my enjoyment of life for almost a decade, but even before I was 30 I found that there were things far more important than wealth that made my life great and I keep discovering more. I have had financial independence since I was very young, but almost all the joys and pleasure I now derive from life are free or cost very little.

On Uplifting Visions I share insights that I have gained from my own experience, observation, and a life of research on attaining happiness, health, and success.

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